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What We Do

Tri-State Computer Flooring Co., Inc. offers services for the life time of your building. As a Tate dealer, we provide expert service in the specification, bidding, installation and maintenance of raised access floors and data center airflow management solutions.  We are expertly trained in analyzing the airflow of any new or existing data center and applying Tate products to improve energy efficiency and available capacity. 
  • We work with architects to specify the proper raised flooring system for each unique job.

  • We have the maufacturer's support to meet specialized seismic requirements. 

  • We offer free quotes with competive pricing, using the latest technology to meet quick demands.

  • We have a large variety of standardized products in inventory to meet quick lead times.

  • We have a team of highly specialized union workers who have been trained in raised flooring installation.

  • Our team consistenly impresses our customers with their speed, safety, efficiency, quality, and friendliness.

  • We keep in contact to perform underfloor cleaning, releveling, adjustments of panels, or other tasks.

  • We perform evaluations of the flooring to ensure the integrity has not been compromised.


Frequent Requests

What We Do


SubZero Engineering is pleased to recommend Tri-State Computer Flooring particularly for their excellent craftsmanship.  We have partnered and hired Tri-State to install containment systems in data centers.  They are punctual and their work is reliable.  Since the quality of our product depends on the integrity of the installation, we have not experienced better than Tri-State and their staff.  We highly recommend this organization.

Lloyd Mainers

Engineer, SubZero Engineering

Great firm and have done so many projects with Structure Tone Inc.  They are great at client relations and easy to work with.  I will be very happy to recommend then any kind of project.  Their knowledge and experienced team is a great asset to our company.

Rakesh Shah

Chief Estimator

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Tri-State has helped me with pricing on many projects.  Some projects have been a pricing request from a client that were small, maintenance type projects, which required pricing submission at the drop of a hat.  And others have been multi-floor Commercial Interiors project that we were lucky to have a Vendor with Tri-State's knowledge and experience in order to correctly price the job, and further our chances of attaining the contract.  Tri-State is one of the better Raised/Computer Flooring companies in the city, and have very responsive members of their team. 

Ed Gerrity

Estimator, Icon Interiors, Inc.

I have worked with Tri-State a number of times and they have never let me down.  They are a GREAT company and would recommend them to any company looking for a raised floor contractor.  They go the extra mile to make sure that the client is completely satisfied.  A+ to Tri-State in my book.

Brady Panarotti

Superintendent, Nova Corp.

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